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Q. What is EV Charging Station Application?
A. A mobile application which provides information about the nearest charging point for Electronic vehicles, and also enables you to check availability, slot booking, and payment methods.

Q. How can we find EV stations?
A. When the user registers in the application EV stations location are provided to the user using GPS.

Q. IS it free for usage?
A. No, one has to pay according to the details provided by the service provider.

Q. How is the EV charge application is useful?
A. it helps you to locate the nearest charging station, and also helps you to make payment online through the app.

Q. What is the payment mode?
A. Online/offline- Depends on the service provider.

Q. How to get registered in the App?
A. Both the user and the provider can register in the app by accessing to the Registration process.

Q. Who are service providers?
A. People who provide the service of utilising their charging points, at their homes, offices, or stations.

Q. In what method the payment is charged?
A. It may vary from each provider depending on the amount of time charged or per unit.

Q. How is the app useful to the service provider?
A. It acts as a promotional agent to the service provider.

Q. Does the app provide authenticity of the service provider?
A.The app is only a service provider and do not hold any guarantee to the service providers authenticity.

Q. Where can we find the app?
A. the app can be downloaded at play store, and is supported by IOS and Android.