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Save earth save you is the present motto of the green cars which are occupying the prominent position in the nation and becoming a brand in the auto markets. Clear-cut incentives for green cars will set off a wave of innovation from automakers as well as start-ups providing support systems, from batteries and components to marketing. India's potential to create a new mobility paradigm that is shared; electric and connected could have a significant impact domestically and globally.

India unveiled 'National Electric Mobility Mission Plan 2020' in 2013 to address the issues of National energy security, vehicular pollution and growth of domestic manufacturing capabilities. The works for making the electric cars a common phenomenon are under process. Electric vehicles are increasing their base in the country on a slow pace. Due to the lack of infrastructure and high initial costs, a complete transformation has not yet been observed.

Owing to the changing scenario in the Indian manufacturing industry WAYSIDE UTILITIES PVT LTD has planned to come up with an app which lets you know the location of the nearest charging station in your surroundings. A user friendly mobile application that lets you to know the address of the charging point station and also provides you with the pricing-which may be charged based on amount of time or per unit. Service providers can upload their station details in the application so that they can promote their business as well as contribute something on your part towards the environment.

The application acts as a rapport between the service provider and the user. Concern to the running out fuel resources on earth and the growing pollution in the country has instigated us to take an action from our side and this resulted in the idea of promoting EV charging stations. The busy world and the fast running time would not let us to wait for a second in its speed and to reach its speed to a,

certain extent we have opted for using vehicles. In order to achieve our goals and reaching the heights we have forgotten to conserve and protect our environment but started to pollute it. The rising pollution levels in the air has become a major concern, so obviously one have to opt for an alternative with the using vehicles and electric cars have come as a solution. And infrastructures like charging stations have landed as a question mark.

So to put an end to the question mark WAYSIDE UTILITIES PVT LTD is launching EV station app which lets the user find out the nearest charging point to charge his vehicle. And in order to make your arrival easier a mobile application lets you search for nearby charging stations, Book a slot, Check availability, Check hourly pricing and also make Payments through the mobile application.